Bowen therapy is a gentle form of manual therapy, that is a type of myo-fascial release.  The AIM’s of Bowen therapy include: breaking up fascial adhesions, improving blood and lymph flow to tissues and calming the nervous system down into parasympathetic dominance. Parasympathetic dominance is where all healing takes place in the body. It also works on the proprioceptive level, in that it aim’s to connect you into your physical body in the here and now; to help form new neural networks in your brain instead of your brain holding onto the feeling of old injuries through dysfunctional pain loops, similar to the idea of phantom limb pain.So how can it help you?

Bowen therapy can:


Regardless of a person’s age or physical condition, Bowen Therapy can be effective in:

  1. relieving acute and chronic pain,
  2. improving posture and joint mobility,
  3. speeding recovery from injuries and accidents,
  4. relieving physical and emotional stress,
  5. and improving overall health and energy levels.

A study titled Exercise and Sport Science by Amy Norman was presented in 1998 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Physical Education. It compared practitioner and patient responses in a survey evaluating the efficacy of the Bowen Technique in the treatment of pain. Practitioners rated the Bowen Technique effective in 85% of back pain cases with an average of 4.3 sessions, 88% for neck pain with 4.5 sessions, 83% for stress and tension with four sessions, 83% for other conditions with 5.8 sessions and 80% for fibromyalgia requiring longer treatments. Effectiveness rated by patient

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About Dr. Cathy:

Cathy’s own health journey ultimately led her to becoming an ND. She suffered most of her life with terrible digestive pain. She was tested for a variety of conditions and eventually diagnosed with IBS. Conventional medical treatment was an assortment of drugs which did not help. Cathy found a Naturopathic Doctor who helped turn her life around. And from this, her pursuit from being a chartered accountant to a career in naturopathic medicine began.

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