Angel Hands Wellness and Mihael Mamychshvili is in complete compliance of the health ministry, provincial and municipal health authorities and their recommendations.

Everyone health and safety is my priority including myself and my family’s.

Pre-screening measures:

  1. You are abiding by the quarantine act and the emergency act of B.C
  2. You are not sick with COVID-19, or showing symptoms such as cough, fever, cold, flu.
  3. If you had COVID-19/COLD/FLU symptoms that you have Isolated yourself for 21 days minimum and all symptoms have passed.
  4. If you been exposed to a partner/family member, who has/d COVID-19 that you have quarantined for a minimum of 21 days.
  5. If you or anyone that you’ve been exposed to has travelled outside BC, that you have self-isolated yourself for 21 days.
  6. When coming for session please bring your own face mask with you.
  7. Prior to entering the treatment room please wash your hands with soap and/or sanitize them.
  8. When needing to cough please let me know and cough into your elbow/arm.
  9. Please wear clean clothes to our session
  10. Treatments can be prepaid, or credit cards can be put on file so no touch payments processing is available.


Health and measures I’ll be taking:


  1. Treatment room will be sanitized prior to your session (door knobs, payment processing equipment, massage table, face rest, arm rest, equipment, surfaces and counters).
  2. I will be creating more time between session to allow me to thoroughly prepare it for you.
  3. Medical grade air cleaner and diffuser will be operational throughout your session and whole day.
  4. I will be wearing a protective mask in our session
  5. Hands are washed before and right after our session in room.
  6. Fresh sheets and face covers as usual for each session.
  7. There will be no need to use waiting area, unless you are early.

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