Manual Osteopathy & Its Effectiveness On Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction –  

By Christine Low, Manual Osteopathy & Holistic Massage

Sacroiliac joint disfunction is very common amongst people suffering with low back pain. It is sometimes overlooked and misdiagnosed for lumbar and sciatic nerve issues. With the proper testing and palpation this issue can be addressed and the client can be educated on what the root cause to there pain is. The two main causes of SI joint disfunction is when there is hypo mobility within the joint ( lack of movement) and hyper mobility (too much movement) Once we have figured out what we are dealing with, is time to start guiding the body back into balance and bring comfort and ease to the SI joint and surrounding areas that are effected! It can be quite profound and life changing for someone who has been dealing with chronic SI joint disfunction to experience this relief and to not suffer with pain anymore.

Manual Osteopathy is very effective in treating SI joint disfunction.

Techniques such as Joint mobilization, muscle energy and soft tissue therapy are used to stabilize and rebuild the tissues around the joint. When applied to the body in a gentle and precise way there is instant relief with lasting results. The key to working with the body is to be patient and listen with your hands. Having the experience and knowledge to be able to read the tissue is vital!

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