Working with many chronic pain & trauma patients it is often the lack of tools & the trust in self that hinders recovery, healing, resolve.

About this Event

I am excited to present a Method for Self Healing and Recovery through this 6 week online series of experiential classes.

We are our own healers and often struggle with that concept as we don’t have the proper tools, guidance and knowledge. Most importantly we don’t build that resiliency and inner strength that can only come with cumulative and consistent effort to push forward until we break-through.

NeuroPath Reset Method is a combination of tools I have learned and Incorporated into my practice over the last 20 years studying the bodymind connection. Working with many chronic pain and trauma patients It is often the lack of tools and the trust in self that hinders recovery, healing, resolution and freedom from suffering. NPR Method gives you the tools to be your own therapist which creates and builds trust in the body.

It’s built on 5 R’s principles for optimum recovery:

  1. ReAlign
  2. Reset
  3. Release
  4. Resilience
  5. Re – integration

NPR method combines the Principles of and Involves:

  • Identifying your pain protective patterns in the body
  • Initiating Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Builds heightened awareness and sensitivity to the body
  • Visceral Stimulation of Organs
  • Stimulation of your Vascular System
  • Stimulation of your Endocrine System
  • Stimulating pressure points through the meridian network
  • Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Integration period
  • Reset

Conditions It Helps With:

  • Chronic Pain, hips, back, neck
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Anxiety & Emotional Stress
  • Alignment Issue – Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Pelvic, SI Joint
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Chronic Digestion Problems
  • Concussions & Head Injuries
  • ADHD & Hyperactivity
  • Highly Sensitive Person
  • Headaches & Migraines


In A Safe and Supportive Space you will learn:

  • Tools you can use daily in sequence, or separately to help you facilitate change through the MindBody.
  • With time you will achieve resiliency, emotional strength and reverse patterns in the body, mind and life.
  • You will change the alignment of your body, release negative patterns and create space for new habits and life.

Your Instructor Mihael Mamychshvili

Mihael is a master therapist who’s spent the last 25 years trying to understand the roots to our pain and suffering. His specialty is reconnecting the communication between the mind and body. His innovative approach to the body and broad knowledge and experience has lead to his reputation as a therapist who can initiate transformative change.

After becoming a therapist in 2001, he has developed his own style of therapy and methodology that focuses on the body-mind connection. He has helped 10,000’s overcome their “pain story”, facilitating change and transformation through his treatments & coaching, respecting the complexity of suffering and in awe of the Innate Intelligence of the body.

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“I will recommend Mihael as long as I am here breathing. If it wasn’t for Mihael, I probably would not be here. From the first day I was introduced by my brother in law he was the only person who knew what was wrong with me. He worked hard at bringing my body back from fatigue and severe depression. Mihael knew exactly the areas that were in trauma and would bring healing to my body”.

Elio, Musician


“When I first came to see Mihael, I had Thoracic outlet syndrome and spinal compression. Lots of pain in my neck, shoulders, and numbness in the hand. Mihael knew exactly where the problem was and I would like say he is a gifted amazing healer. He fixed my circulation issues and fixed the stiff painful neck that I had for at least 15 years. His approach is core oriented and understands it from an emotional standpoint to how it can become debilitating. He is also versatile in his knowledge and expertise, with his abilities to using various forms of natural healing. My problem stemmed from severe wear and tear, repetitive strain injuries, and trauma. He always asks me the percentage of the improvement while he strides for 100 percent. He is a special soul, extremely intuitive with compassionate heart. One thing you will know after seeing Mihael is that he genuinely cares and wants you to heal completely. Last but not least I’d like to say that I am extremely grateful to have had the sessions with Mihael as they were fully effective”.

Elai – Singer


“Top trauma healer that I’ve personally experienced”.

Francesca – Life Coach


“I’ve been seeing Mihael for over a year now. Some friends of mine had recommended him after my back was injured in a car accident. It didn’t take long for me to understand the great healer that he truly is. What at first was a very painful experience ended up becoming the greatest gift of my life. Over the past year I’ve been going through a complete transformation with Mihael being my guide. I now go to him for help in any area of my life. From my physical body, my personal life, spiritual advice, emotional advice, to important life decisions. What Mihael has given me is irreplaceable.”



Take control of your pain and learn lifelong tools to help with the inevitable triggers of pain.

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