Spring AcupunctureIn Chinese thought Spring is the season when Wood energy rises naturally in our bodies. The word for wood in Chinese- mu -is actually broader in meaning, and refers to all growing green things. Just like a forest awakening from the inwardness of winter and springing into bloom, the wood energy of spring encourages growth, expansion, and self-expression. 

When this energy arises in an open heart and a relaxed body the human being expresses the beauty of wood energy. When the wood energy rises in a stressed, irritated, and tense body, however, it can give rise in turn to headaches, anger, digestive problems, muscle pain, and bloating. Acupuncture can help to “soothe the wood energy” and open the channels, relieving these symptoms and freeing body and mind to let the wood element do its rejuvenating and expansive work in you.

Tips for Nurturing the Smooth Flow of Wood Energy

1) Lovingkindness meditation.

Anger and negativity injure the wood element and it is healed by kindness and love. Spend a few minutes a day sending thoughts of goodwill and love to yourself and others. You can use a phrase such as “May I be radiantly happy and well”, visualize colours, or picture happy smiles on people’s faces. Start with yourself and then spread the lovingkindness out in ever widening circles. In Chinese medicine lovingkindness is said to heal the wood element.

2) Cleansing diet.

Add more greens and fruits to your diet but check in with your friendly neighbourhood acupuncturist as to whether for your constitution whether these are best cooked or not. Reduce sugar, meat, and alcohol. Drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

3) Qigong, Taichi or Tai Yoga

Taking up a practice like Qigong, Taichi or a form of Yoga will help to heal the energy flow in your body and enhance your mind-body connection and its positive effects on your health. If you are not currently doing Qigong, Taichi, or a healing Yoga like Yin Yoga or our own Tai Yoga, take it up once or twice a week.

We offer Qigong and Tai Yoga at Angel Hands if you need a place to start!

Wishing you Happy Healthy Wood Energy! If you have any questions about how to embrace the wood energy of spring, please email me at [email protected] give me a call at the centre 604-558-1926.

Matthew Gindin, R.Ac.

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