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Recently, there has been a growing interest in using stones as a part of massage therapy. Although some massage therapists and clients may consider this to be simply fashionable, the use of stones and gemstones for healing purposes dates back thousands of years.

Both verbal and written history confirms the Chinese used heated stones more than 2,000 years ago as a means of improving the function of internal organs. Stones were also used for healing work in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India. These traditions included laying stones in patterns on the body, carrying or wearing stones for health and protection, using stones for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and for ceremonial uses, such as sweat lodges and medicine wheels.

Past female healers and caregivers often included stones dealing with disease as well as pregnancy and childbirth. These folk healers used heated stones to diminish the discomfort of menstruation, plus the application of cold stones to slow bleeding after labor. Some sources also cite instances of cultures in which women believed that simply holding stones during labor added to their strength and endurance.

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Ancient Greek and Roman cultures have a long recorded history of many forms of massage and bodywork. The Roman Empire, which dates from 27 B.C. to 476 A.D., is noted for its creation of the Roman baths. This ancient tradition is still with us today in the form of modern hydrotherapy practices. The Romans also used stones in saunas and combined the effects of hot immersion baths with the cooling effects of marble stone and cold pools.

So this is the history what do we know today about Hot Stone Massage Benefits?

  • Relax To The Max – It induces a faster and better relaxation on your parasympathetic nervous system (Your fight or flight mechanism) when heat and touch are combined.
  • Meditate – Once you are deeply relaxed, it can be very meditative experience and an opportunity for self awareness.
  • Anti Inflammatory – Heated stones bring down inflammation and increases circulation by dilated blood vessels and drawing out the inflammation, great for Joint pain and Arthritis.
  • Happy Gut – Increases organ function when placed on the abdomen
  • Muscles, Blood, Bones – Heated stones are much more effective than a heating pad because of the deeper penetrative effect of the mineralized heated stone. Once the stones are heated it helps to release minerals such as, Iron, Magnesium and Silica which are great for: oxygenating blood, act as natural muscle relaxant and help the bones.
  • Detoxification – Hot Stone Massage stimulates your Lymphatic System with the strokes and movements of the stone there is a pumping effect on the lymph nodes which encourage them to release toxins and waste out of your body.
  • Other possible benefits: cellulite reduction, water retention, chakra balancing, skin improvement…

There is no better way to learn than then to experience the amazing benefits combining the heated stones and their natural power with the expert touch and skill of a Registered Massage therapist, or Manual Osteopath.

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