Trauma, the hidden wound


By Angel Hands Trauma Team

What is trauma?

Some people associate trauma straight to war veterans and firefighters. However, the word trauma refers to situations that are emotionally painful, and that can overwhelm a person’s ability to cope, leaving them feeling powerless. Any situation that leaves someone feeling overpowered and alone can be traumatic. A traumatic event can be one-time only, such as a car accident, a sexual assault, or even an ongoing situation, such as being bullied or verbally abused. Traumatic situations can also involve a third party, such as witnessing domestic violence, or watching a family member fall ill.


How does trauma affect people?

The same event can impact people in different ways. The more scared and helpless they feel, the more likely they are to become traumatized.  The outcome of trauma also varies, some people overcome it quickly, while some may change forever. A childhood trauma can cause a person to not feel fully safe again. Trauma may lead to depression, anxiety, and can trigger other emotions as well, such as guilt, anger or shame. Some trauma survivors may resort to alcohol or drug abuse in an effort to cover up the pain.


What can you do if you have been exposed to a traumatic event and you feel like your life is being negatively affected by it?

Recovering from trauma takes time, and each person heals at their own pace. If months have passed and your symptoms are persistent, you may need professional help from a trauma expert. Counselling, hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, and regular massage can have a major positive impact on keeping your anxiety in control and start your healing process. People can experience positive changes and growth after experiencing trauma and crises, especially if they seek the support they need.


To learn more about trauma and transformation, watch psychologist and professor Steven Gold, PhD at TEDxNSU talking about reconnecting the body and the mind after trauma:

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