What Is Cupping Therapy?
By Mihael Mamychshvili, Registered Shiatsu Therapist

Cupping originated many thousands of years ago primarily for the treatment of disease and pain. This has not changed right up to today but, with modern science and understanding, it has confirmed its rightful place in both beauty therapy and well-being medicine.

Cupping therapy was originally used in China and Egypt dating back some 3,500 years where its use was mentioned in hieroglyphics. Before the invention of glass, therapists would use cow horns or bamboo to remove blood and poison from the body; clinical experience over the years has advanced its application to many areas.

Even Hippocrates and Galen, two of the most celebrated originators of modern medicine, were advocates of the tremendous benefits, together with Samuel Bayfield who wrote Cupping is an Art in 1823 and surgeon Charles Kennedy talked of its well-known benefits in 1826.

Hippocrates noted in Greece the use of large glass jars to reduce the dislocation of vertebrae, along with many other symptoms.

Benefits and how it works
The application of Cupping is very simple but its effects are dramatic.
Our health and well-being (immune system) are totally reliant on the movement of Click on PDF file below for the rest of the article

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