Myofascial release is a relatively new concept in the world of massage therapy in Vancouver.  Only in the last couple decades have we begun to understand and work with the fascial system of the body.  Fascia is the body’s tensegrity system.  It holds, wraps and connects everything from bone to nerves to muscles.  Understanding fascia helps us to understand the interconnectedness of our different body parts.  For example, treating the fascia of the feet and legs may help relieve headaches and tension in the jaw and face.  Fascial release may also help create space for muscles to grow and develop strength.  Muscles that are restricted by tight fascia or scar tissue cannot function optimally, and may cause pain or decreased range of motion.


Due to it’s full body effects, myofascial release is essential work for bodies seeking greater balance.  It can release chronic tight spots, and improve body alignment and posture.  Chronic and on-going pain may be relieved by multiple sessions with myofascial release, since it addresses the body as a whole and seeks to uncover the cause of pain and tightness, which may not actually be where symptoms are felt.  Other benefits include increased circulation, lymphatic flow, and greater ease of overall body movement.  I tend to incorporate myofascial techniques and fascial intention into all my treatments, the degree to which is dependent on individual needs.  These techniques can be smoothly blended into a massage that also incorporates deep tissue, general Swedish massage, trigger point release and other techniques.  This is how I love to work, and this is what creates lasting change and greater health in my clients.



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