Your Pain Is An Opportunity

Thoughts From The Mat:
Someone I have been working with who had experienced a terrible car accident shared something very special with me and I wanted to share with all of you.
This is a man who was always so “Serious”, never smiled and friends and loved ones always commented on it, Why so serious”? why you don’t smile? He did not know what to answer to them until he experienced 4 weeks of Shiatsu sessions.
In the first session I was focused on releasing the recent trauma memory from the accident but mentioned that past memories and traumas can be released too. Has was assisting his body to release, he started to giggle like a little kid. He fought very hard to contain that giggling and did not understand why it was happening. But by the end of the first session he understood something.
Now that some of the pressure was released he said _ “I Feel like I have more space to laugh”. Before I felt like I had no “Space” to laugh.” This went on for a 3 sessions giggling and at times tears and memories.
After 4 weeks of treatment all of his chronic pain has gone away and he has learned how to help himself. He also learned how to help his family members just by receiving the treatments himself.
Last session he said:
“I did not know how much I can change myself through my body. How my thoughts, my emotions can change through the body. Now I tell everyone in my life, don’t try to cope yourself with your pain and suffering go to someone for help. I did that my whole life and I suffered until this recent accident. I am happy that I got into this accident, it brought me to you and it changed me for the better.”
Why am I sharing this?
I see so many people “Trapped” in their bodies going through life suffering consciously, or unconsciously dealing with pain. What I want to say that your Pain is and opportunity, it can be an opening for you evolve into the man, or woman that you know you can be.

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  1. Ms. Sam

    Hi Mihael,
    I enjoyed reading Mat’s experience, and I wish we had the time to go thorough all 4 sessions with you.
    If I ever get back to Canada, I would like my family to sign up for the treatment plan with you.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing story.
    Ms Sam


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